I left Lunar Manor broken, seeking comfort in the hands of Laurel “the Dragon” Hardy, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Gossip. Okay, I may have used him to ease the pain He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named caused by his confession of loving someone else. On New Year’s Eve! Granted, he was drunk off his ass, but still! I stay with Larry mainly because the dreams are getting worse. Worse enough to wake me in the middle of the night needing the touch of another to save me from losing my mind.

Unfortunately, the handsome bassist of the uber successful indie rock band, Vicious, is never far from my mind. I thought I was rid of him once and for all only to have him show up at my hotel in London. Luka Visraya’s power over me is intense. No matter how far I run, I always end up circling back to him.

If you think my story is just some romance about two lovers getting back together, think again. Little did I know that returning to Luka meant I’d be plunging myself into a world more familiar than I ever thought possible. Trust me when I say I didn’t believe it either when the truth finally came out.

Hello everyone! I’m here today to bring you the next part of the Relish Scavenger Hunt! I’m pretty much excited for this and I know you are too! Before I proceed with the next page, don’t forget to mark your calendars because Relish is going to be released on January 12th 2015!

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That annoyed me the most. To let myself actually fall for him ate at my pride. How stupid could I have been? I knew I had thirty days, yet I allowed myself the delusion of maybe staying with the band longer. I’d lost a part of myself during my stay at Lunar Manor, and it scared me to think I may never get it back. Yana had been right when she’d warned me about the experience breaking people. It certainly broke me. I trembled with hate when I thought of him being responsible.

Luka Visraya—the handsome rock god that I carelessly let into my heart. I deserved the pulsing pain in my chest. I knew better and yet I didn’t listen to my gut. I ignored all the red flags. Of course he was in love with someone else. Of course!

I let a tear fall when the scene of Luka singing to me while I lay “asleep” on a concrete slab came on. I should have known the whole song was a metaphor for his love for Phoenix. How she’d become poison in his veins after she left him for Demitri. The dress with the feathers should have tipped me off too. Phoenix equaled bird that flew out of the ashes, the very tattoo Luka had inked all over his back. Ugh! I hated myself.

“I’m beginning to think you can’t start your day without watching that stupid video.”

Exhaling a shuddering breath, I closed my eye just as Luka leaned in to kiss me. I used my knee to hide any evidence of my hurt, transferring the dampness on my cheek there. I sniffed then sat up straighter.

“It’s not a stupid video,” I said, looking up at the classically handsome guy with bed head grinning down at me. His large hand rubbed between my shoulder blades as if he knew of the knot there that needed easing.

“Just because you’re in it.” He bent and claimed my lips. I tasted the coffee with its cream and sugar on his tongue. I grimaced and pushed him away playfully.

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