Discovering Doctor Who and Other Netflix Shenanigans

Okay, before you completely judge me, I definitely am familiar with Doctor Who. I know that Peter Capaldi is the current Doctor, I know that the TARDIS is blue. I basically spent my teenage years on Tumblr and made friends with Whovians as time passed by. I just didn’t have the time, and the knowledge where to start watching the show.

Enter December 2016, I was in a rush to watch the Sense8 Christmas Special so I did a thing called signing up for Netflix. I have a free one month subscription so I checked out the selections available to my region and Doctor Who was there!

Although, I debated whether to watch it or not since it starts on Series 5, when Matt Smith became The Doctor. Of course, I wanted to, at least, start with Nine. I’ve seen the first episode with the Ninth Doctor and him meeting Rose. If I remember correctly, that was the episode with the mannequins? Anyway, I just said screw it and then proceeded to watch. How could I not? It’s amazing! And I love Karen Gillan.

I really enjoyed watching Season 5, and yes I’ll be watching it again, and from Nine. Besides, I wanted to see David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor!

On the other shenanigans part, I also binged on watching Outlander and holy guacamole! I really fell in love with it! I think I was able to finish two seasons in three days!

I really thought it was just another historical drama, but it wasn’t! There’s time-travelling involved, and I got hooked since the first episode! In case you’re not aware of what the this is about, the story is about Claire, an Englishwoman, and a married army nurse from the 1940s, who traveled back in time to 1740s Scotland, where the Highlander culture is rich and Scotland is at war with England, so Claire being an Englishwoman presented some problems with her survival.

I really love the landscapes of Scotland featured in the show, and the costumes are amazing.Β And of course, Jamie and Claire are my OTP! I love how their relationship blossomed from friendship to love. This show is really one of a kind! However, I do acknowledge some problems present, given the setting of the story.

Anyway, I’m really excited for season three!! I can’t wait to watch it, especially with how the last season ended! It was such a cliffhanger, I wanted to scream! Hahaha! Plus, I miss hearing Jamie say the word “Sassenach”.Β How can one word sound so sexy?

And since I’m still on Netflix, I’m off to find a new series to binge. I’ve heard good things about The OA so I’m probably going to watch it! Send me some of your recs from Netflix and I’m going to check it out!