Discovering iZombie


Nerdiscoveries is a feature hosted by The Bibliophile Confessions where we share our new discoveries that totally make us nerd/geek out.

Hey y’all! Inah here! I’m really excited to share to you guys my recent discovery.

I guess it’s pretty much an established fact that The CW produces really quality TV shows. Almost all of the shows I’m watching (addicted to, actually) were produced by the network, like Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, The Vampire Diaries and of course, The 100. The list possibly just goes on and on because last week, I have finally gotten around to watching iZombie. There might be mild spoilers in here. Sorry, I just can’t seem to shut up about this.


I first saw the trailer of iZombie on ETC, a local TV channel here in the Philippines, with my friends. My first impression was it was like the combination of Warm Bodies and Veronica Mars, because when Liv eats a person’s brain, she adapts some memories, visions and traits of the certain person and she uses this to help solve person’s murder case with the help of Clive, a detective. Cool right? Definitely!!

Liv’s character is really interesting, funny and quirky. It’s really empowering as well, seeing her kick some real ass in the show. She was engaged to Major but she broke it off after she turned into a zombie, because she didn’t want to hurt him. Major has a really strong dedication and persistence when it comes to things, that sometimes he gets in trouble for it. He’s adorable, like super adorable.

I also discovered that Bradley James was in this show. Like wow, I loved him as Arthur Pendragon on Merlin. Merlin was probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And he’s in this fricking show and his hair is like this sexy dark brown shade, completely different from his blond style as Arthur. OH MY GOD. I might have screamed and cried a little, and I definitely went crazy on Twitter. Also his character, Lowell Tracy is a musician and he became Liv’s love interest. ALSO DID I MENTION HOW AWESOME THEIR CHEMISTRY IS???

Speaking of blond-turned-brunette, Aly Michalka was also in this show. She stars as Liv’s best friend, Peyton. I love her character. She’s fierce and supportive and a bit sassy. It’s a cool combination!

Clive’s personality, being a police detective, definitely balanced the mixed personalities of the characters. He can be both funny and serious. But what I really like about him is his curiosity and skepticism with Liv having visions.

BUT I guess my ultimate favorite character from the show is Ravi. He’s the first one to know about Liv being a zombie and he didn’t mind it, at all. He’s really funny, cool and adorable. Plus, he’s this cool doctor who wants to create a cure for the zombie virus. He’s like the best friend I’ve never had. I think every single person in the whole entire universe needs a Ravi in their lives. <3

Rose McIver as Liv and Rahul Kohli as Ravi

I managed to finish the entire series in two and a half days, give or take. I was definitely hooked! I would take a bullet for this show. Hahaha! I love the concept of the story and the cast is fantastic! 10/10 would recommend!!



Discovering The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy


Nerdiscoveries is a feature hosted by The Bibliophile Confessions where we share our new discoveries that totally make us nerd/geek out.

Okay so we all know how long it was since our last Nerdiscoveries post and since it’s Blogoversary month, we’re bringing this one back!!!

So not all of you knows (except if you’re my younger sister or Jem or my Tumblr mutuals or my friends irl) how much of a fangirl I am. If you’ll take a look at my Tumblr account… nope not the bookish one. My multi-fandom account, it looks like this.

Looks a bit simple right? But I kid you not, that account is full of reblogs of things that I truly love. Take for instance that sidebar picture. That’s Kyle Simmons from the band Bastille. That black and white picture? Agents of SHIELD cast.

If you’re following me on Tumblr, you’ll mostly find Supernatural, Marvel, Arrow, The 100 and a lot of bands on your Dashboard. This also serves as a bit of precaution in case you’re interested in following me. Although, I’m not that active anymore, which totally makes me sad because I do miss talking to friends that I made there.

Anyways, this Nerdiscoveries post is dedicated a non-fiction book that I discovered in Edelweiss while looking for new e-ARCs. Also, this is the first non-fiction book I am going to feature in the blog.

22926684Title: The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks
Author: Sam Maggs
Publication Date: May 12th 2015 by Quirk Books
Amazon // Book Depository // Goodreads

Fanfic, cosplay, cons, books, memes, podcasts, vlogs, OTPs and RPGs and MMOs and more—it’s never been a better time to be a girl geek. The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy is the ultimate handbook for ladies living the nerdy life, a fun and feminist take on the often male-dominated world of geekdom. With delightful illustrations and an unabashed love for all the in(ternet)s and outs of geek culture, this book is packed with tips, playthroughs, and cheat codes for everything from starting an online fan community to planning a convention visit to supporting fellow female geeks in the wild.

Two thumbs up for this one! Read this book for less than 24 hours because I really can’t put it down! Pretty much hilarious but it’s way more than that for it discusses how empowering, special and unique it is to be a fangirl.

I enjoyed devouring this book. The first part was really funny and informative at the same time. Most of the fandoms mentioned in this book are the ones I’m in, like Supernatural, Sherlock, Harry Potter and Marvel. I’ve never felt so close to a book before until I’ve read this beauty.

I have learned a lot of things about being a fangirl. It’s very informative and like what I said earlier, empowering. It’s such a great idea to have this book discuss the issue of feminism, especially when your a part of a fandom dominated by men.

I also enjoyed the interviews with several notable people. It made me realize that even though they’re famous, they’re just the same as me, when it comes to being passionate about what I love. I agreed to everything they said. Heck! I agree to everything written in this book!

I would definitely recommend this to everyone. Actually, I think every single fangirl/fanboy out there should have a copy of this book, especially that it discussed proper manners and etiquettes not only in a fandom, but in the internet/real life in general.


Discovering Magic Man


Nerdiscoveries is a feature hosted by The Bibliophile Confessions where we share our new discoveries that totally make us nerd/geek out.

The thing about me is that most of the time, I don’t really find or discover things out by myself. More often than not I learn about new stuff (songs, bands, books etc.) through my friends (let’s call her Inah) hahahaha!

So a few weeks ago, she tweeted about this very cute guy, Alex Caplow, and his band, Magic Man, and from experience, I’m talking about my complete trust in Inah’s taste, and the fact that I’m sort of obsessed with *coughs coughs* Bastille now, all because of her and her tweets, so yeah, I checked it out. I also tried to follow Alex on Twitter and it’s kind of awesome that he followed me back.

Well, I actually first checked out the Album Art Cover before listening. I’m sorry but I’m kind of an OC with art covers. :)) Okay, so I saw the cover of their album called Before the Waves, and instantly fell in love with it. The cover was colorful and pleasing to the eyes.


It was a nice preview to the album I’d listened to for a few days non-stop.

Their music has a kind of a up-beat, happy-dance-y feels to it, and some of the happy-dance-y music I’ve listened to before caused me headaches, but suprisingly their songs did not, so I just listened on and on.

Also, I went to their wiki-page and discovered that this sound is actually called synth-pop/synth-rock. (Meaning they play with a synthesizer that is usually played with a keyboard) Their songs sound really nice with it so all I’ve gotta say is Synth-Rock On! =)))

So for the songs, I can say that everything is awesome and you would not regret listening to it. I promise!

Some of the most notable songs are Every Day, because this song is so catchy. I also really loved Paris. I also read that Alex and Sam Lee, who basically started the band, stayed in France and worked as laborers for food and lodging for a time, so that song may be about that but I don’t really know. I think they have an MV for this song too. :)) Another great song is Chicagoland, it kinda makes you wanna dance and move your head to the beat.

So there! I hoped I convinced you to at least try listen to them because they just really deserve to be heard. I left the playlist at the end of the post. Have a listen! 

PS. Their twitter profile consists of many Alex Caplow baby pics which is beyond adorable, check it!!! :))


Discovering How To Get Away with Murder


Nerdiscoveries is a feature hosted by The Bibliophile Confessions where we share our new discoveries that totally make us nerd/geek out.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first Nerdiscoveries post. I’m very excited to share this post to you!

I know most of you already know what I’m going to be talking about today.

tumblr_inline_n7d007BzSc1qck1oa(Oh, Hi Kyle!)

Yes! It’s going to be that brilliant show, How To Get Away With Murder! Like I said, I know most of you are watching this show but I would like to share how I came across this great gem.

Late 2014 was when I first heard of this show. People were so into it, many have loved it. I told myself that I’ll watch it soon, once I have the time to do so. It was even on cable TV, but since I’m in uni, I didn’t have the time to catch the episodes at home. When our second semester started last January, I invited Jem to stay for a night in our dorm. She brought her external hard drive so it was basically movie night for all of us. She had the first few episodes on hers and that was when I decided that I need to watch it.

I did watch it with my roommates days after and we were all hooked! How could we not be? The storyline is brilliant, the casting is perfect. Viola Davis basically slayed everyone. Also, as a Potterhead, it was nice to see Alfie Enoch all grown up, but still a cutie. I mean, have you seen him in Sherlock? I was so blown-away when I saw him there. He aged with grace, that fine lad.

I’m really drawn into crime/legal dramas at the moment. Yeah, I do think my preference for TV shows has matured a bit. Remember months ago when I posted my obsession with the TV series, Suits? I think that was my major turning point.

Anyways, back to the show. From the pilot episode, I have totally loved everything! The way the episodes were presented where it mostly centered on what happened during the bonfire night (Not going to ruin it for those who haven’t seen this yet *winks*), with cases where I’m just totally blown away with the brilliance that is Annalise Keating.  It’s also very much empowering to see a female protagonist, who happens to be a person of color, kicking ass on TV. Not that it doesn’t happen, but still, it makes the show a million times better. The characters are really diverse. We have Asher Millstone, who’s kind of a jock/goofball but we saw him get all serious, especially during that episode about his Dad; Michaela Pratt, the know-it-all, but she manages to wow me when she pulls things off; Connor Walsh, the hottie… with the hacker boyfriend which seemed very useful but that’s not the only thing he could offer; Lauren Castillo, street-smart and kind of the one who balances things out in the group; and of course, Wes Gibbins, the waitlist, but seriously is one of the best characters I’ve come across.

Honestly, this show has everything I have ever asked for. I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episodes for the past weeks. And the season finale was freaking mindblowing!! I can’t wait for the next season to come!

If you haven’t seen a single episode, the first season is complete. Do yourselves a favor and binge-watch it.