What I Learned From Three Years of Blogging

For some reason, I still can’t bring myself to think that I’m actually blogging. It still feels a little unreal when I think about the friends I gained, the books I’m getting, and all the people I met throughout the process.

It’s true that blogging is not a joke. At first, I thought that this was going to be an easy deal. Just writing reviews here and there, but the first thing I learned was, as a blogger, you get to have complete creative freedom with the content you’re creating and this was truly refreshing! I enjoy reading different feature posts other than book reviews from my favorite bloggers. I even created my own features, even though I totally failed at maintaining it. Don’t worry though, I’m sure they’ll make a comeback at some point.

Another important thing I learned was getting free books isn’t everything. It’s true! This is a point that established bloggers are always trying to get across to younger bloggers. Your blog and your legitimacy as a book blogger isn’t going to be measured by how many publicists you get to talk to and how many ARCs you’re getting from them.  I know how exciting it is to get bookmails. I have to admit that when I first started, I was requesting way too many books than I can read so I always end up getting buried with a lot to catch up. Now, I’m only requesting the ones I’m really interested in reading, because at the end of the day, these books will end up at your local bookstores’ shelves one way or the other and you can always buy them.

I’m truly grateful that I discovered the hidden gem that is #romanceclass. I’m sure you have heard of it at one point. If not, then you are missing big time. The #romanceclass community consists of Filipino authors who write about romance, and they are really good at it. I’m really happy that I came across the #romanceclass community because honestly they are my happy pill. I’ve read a number of books from the #romanceclass authors and they’re all delightful and totally swoon worthy. I’ve also attended a couple of their events and the authors are very friendly, the activities are fun to do, and the live readers readings!!!! They’re so much fun to watch!

The book community is very supportive, that’s another thing I’ve learned. I know that we deal with constant shit and we see them on Twitter but I’m glad that more people are getting aware and more educated about issues, such as diversity and representation. I feel like we just need to do our part to make the community better. We need to listen and boost voices of the minority. People need to acknowledge that we are part of the community too. Speaking of diversity, I’m so happy that more diverse books are getting picked up! I’m seeing Filipino authors being published by the big five. I’m also really happy that books are getting Asian people as cover models such as I Believe in A Thing Called Love, When Dimple Met Rishi, and Lucky In Love! Just yesterday, I saw a physical copy of I Believe… in my local bookstore and seeing the cover just made me really happy!!!

The most important thing I have learned is that it’s okay to take a break. When 2017 started, I had a huge blogging slump. I post sporadically, and have noticed that I don’t read as much as I did back then. One of the reasons for this was because I was getting a little tired of blogging. I felt like I wasn’t putting out enough creative posts so I did, what I could. I took a break from blogging. Sometimes, I just post some reviews and book hauls here and there, but there wasn’t any original content. I was also on my last semester from Uni, so I focused more on studying. And I have to say that everything was worth it! Two weeks from now, I’m finally graduating from Uni!!!

Throughout this journey, I get to meet and mingle with a lot of people. For two years, a bunch of us bloggers were able to organize reader meet-ups. I met a lot of readers and bloggers because of this and I’m excited for what we have in store for you! I also met lovely authors, both local and international, that have inspired me more to read! I’m thankful for all of this! I can’t wait to experience more things as I go through another year, and more!

As part of my blogoversary celebration, I have an ongoing giveaway on Twitter so check that out!

Tips for Mood Readers


Being a mood reader is crazy thing to be. I find it really hard to schedule my tbr because I’m such a mood reader.

Mood readers tend to be really picky.

This, I can attest to. I’m sure you would agree if you’re one. I pick up books based on my mood. Sure, it’s a common thing because most people do this, but it’s really hard to keep up when your mood constantly changes in a snap. Growing up reading books, I still can’t say I’ve mastered it but I’m really getting the hang of it.


Look at this picture above for example. These are half the titles I’ve read for this year. It’s very diverse right? Yeah? Honestly, I want to congratulate myself!


Since the start of the year, I’ve been reading contemporaries. I’ve barely touched anything but that genre. Of course, exceptions from books I participated in blog tours for and from the ones I’m really excited about. About 20 out of the 30 books I’ve read are contemporaries. It’s special to me, but it doesn’t hurt me either to pick up dystopian or fantasy either! Being a mood reader is the main reason why I end up in reading slumps.

Also, if there’s one thing most mood readers can do, it’s to successfully not follow their TBR schedule.

So yeah here are some tips if you’re struggling to find that perfect book to suit your mood.

Establish your mood.

Do you feel sad? Happy? Angry? This is the first step. You don’t want to pick a book that doesn’t suit the way you’re feeling right now. Sometimes it leads to bias, especially when it comes to reviewing it.

Scour Goodreads, especially the lists.

Now that you’ve identified what mood you’re in, it’s time to search for that perfect book. There are tons of lists based on books you’ve read, and based on genre. Besides Goodreads, also try to look at the books in your shelf that you haven’t read yet. Bookworms have a big tendency of buying books that they end up not reading.

It is very important to pick a book that suits your mood. If you’re feeling happy, get a happy-looking book. If you feel sad, get a sad book, wallow in your sorrow and think about all your failures in life.

If the book ends up not suiting your mood, CRY BECAUSE YOU HAVE FAILED.


Okay, kidding aside

There’s really no right or wrong way of finding a book that suits your mood. I barely even follow the tips I listed above (Now, I’ve realized this is probably just a click-bait haha).To be honest, most of the time, I just pick a book on a whim and try to see if it matches my mood and this is exactly how I discover my favorite books. Now, if you think that the tips I shared actually helps, go forth then and search for the book that fits perfect to your feelings, while I feel giddy and contented at my attempt at being sarcastic. Hahaha!

Honestly, find a book. You can go now.


Yeah, this is my attempt to be funny and sarcastic haha! But honestly, are you guys mood readers as well? How do you pick the books you want to read?