Love At First Run by Angel C. Aquino

Love at First Run by Angel C. Aquino
Publication Date: April 30th, 2018
Source: Paperback from the Author
Rating: ½
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After getting her heart broken, 23-year-old Diana Gomez is afraid to fall in love again. But when her office crush Paul invites her to join a running club with him, she goes for it.

What she doesn’t know is that to be a part of the club, she actually has to train for a half marathon—and that she’ll meet Joshua, the handsome club veteran who becomes her unofficial running buddy.

As if it isn’t hard enough to do speed work, interval training, and long runs after work and on weekends, she has to deal with her feelings for both boys and face her fears of falling in love.

Will she reach the finish line without getting herself (or her heart) injured? Journey with Diana as she reaches running milestones, overcomes obstacles, pushes herself to the limit, and discovers the strength within her… one kilometer at a time.

I received a review copy from the Author in exchange of a review. This did not affect my views in any way.

Love at First Sight is a light, fun, and sweet read. It starts with Diana smacked right in the middle of a fun run event, with her colleagues which led to her joining a running club because her office crush, Paul, invited her.

I actually loved the aspect where we see Diana’s journey in life, both in running and her personal life. It’s such a great feat to read a book like this, and let readers enjoy the character’s journey. I like Diana’s character, she’s level-headed at times, but most of the time she would question her choices, which in turn makes it realistic I guess? I just really didn’t like how she felt whenever she’s describing Amaya, like I get it. You’re jealous of her, but let’s not get that internal misogyny going.

Romance-wise, the slow-burn kilig really got me good. I like Joshua’s character but I think it could’ve been explored more, especially that with that age gap (SEVEN YEARS! I could imagine the possibilities hahaha!). Still, for a book that’s around a hundred and fifty pages, I got what I was mostly looking for. I just wished Diana wasn’t always painted as a damsel in distress every now and then.

Another thing I liked about the book was the running aspect, which was really interesting. I’m actually familiar with it since my dad’s a runner too, and he shares stories about them. And yes the Milo Marathon and Skyway Run exists because my dad actually ran in them. He once ran 42 kilometers for Milo Marathon, with cramps of course haha! So I guess knowing things about running made it easier for me to read this book, but really the author made a great effort in researching and actually giving knowledge about the sport.

Overall, despite some issues I had with the book, it was a great and enjoyable read. Obviously, I’ll recommend it to people who reads in the #romanceclass circle, but I guess if you’re not familiar with the community, this is one good book to start with!

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