Delight by Moras Dela Paz

Delight (Happines, #1) by Moras dela Paz
Publication Date: April 16th 2018
Source: ARC from the Author
Rating: ★★★★


You think you know someone…

Serena and Eli have known each other for as long as they can remember. Their parents are good friends and all but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to get along as well. Serena always thought that being a basketball prodigy destined for the pros has made Eli obnoxious and she finds his inflated ego out of this world.

However, with failing grades hindering Eli’s road into the pros, Serena helps him out of kindness and goodwill. Just kidding! Truth be told, she prefers to use her free time baking rather than endure Eli’s unpleasant company. Until her parents “ask” her nicely to tutor Eli, the ever-obedient Serena, afraid of being a disappointment, reluctantly agrees.

As the two of them spend more and more time together, they learn that even if they’ve known each their whole lives there are some things about each other that is just a delightful surprise.

I received an ARC of this book from the Author. No compensation in any form was received for the review of this book.

Delight is a debut novel from a Filipino author, and i’m delighted to say that it was very good. It’s not perfect, but I enjoyed it, and I read it pretty quickly.

First off, the cover is so wonderful! The plot is so cute! The build up of the love story was also executed well, Serena (MC) and Eli (LL) has a nice chemistry. Putting Eli’s perspective was a good touch. Their cupcake and cookie references made me really hungry though!

I somehow didn’t get attached to Joy or Nat, maybe because their characters were not as developed as Eli or Serena. Their stories are very interesting though, and could possible be explored more in other stories?

I think there were too many elements crammed in the novel, i.e. friendship, family problems, body insecurities, love, but most were solved and wrapped up in the end, which is good. The cuts and time jumps were a little off for me at first, but I was used to it eventually, and I didn’t mind it anymore.

I was a little bit surprised with myself because I was rooting for Eli the whole time when I usually have second lead syndromes when reading or watching K-dramas. I really thought there was going to be a love triangle plot-line, and I’m so glad there was none.

Overall, Delight is a solid debut novel. I will affirm that food is indeed love, and it was well appreciated in this book.

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