You Out Of Nowhere by Jay E. Tria

You Out Of Nowhere by Jay E. Tria
Publication Date: November 4th 2017
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At 31, Kris’s dating life is starting to resemble a reality show. So when she strikes up a conversation with a nerdy but gorgeous stranger on the train, getting serious is the last thing on her mind. Been there, done that, and she has the emotional baggage to prove it.

At 24, Ringo knows what he wants—and when a train flirtation turns into a night he can’t forget, he knows he wants Kris. But it’s clear she has other plans, and they don’t include him. So when they find themselves on the same flight to Seoul, it’s Ringo’s chance to turn up the heat, and convince Kris to take a risk.

In a new city, with someone new—the right someone—what could change? Maybe nothing. But also, maybe everything.

It’s quite hard to milk my brain out of words to say about this book. I’m still in awe with the execution and writing of the book. This is only my first time to read a full novel by Jay E. Tria, since the first one was a short story from the Promdi Heart anthology, but I got what I expected from her. A story with emotions so raw, they translate quickly from the pages.

I wasn’t a big fan of age gap romances before, but by watching a bunch of Korean dramas, it grew on me. “Noona romance” as we k-drama fans call it, most of them has a working formula: adorable boy has a crush on a girl older than him, does everything to get her attention away from another guy. Fitting, since a part of the book was set in Seoul, but for this one, the only thing Ringo was trying to get Kris’s attention away from was her hesitation for him. And it was a delight watching the whole thing unfold.

“Love is heavy.”

Kris and Ringo have complementing personalities that makes their chemistry work so well. Did I mention that Kris loves bands and Ringo is a bookworm? Those are plus points for me. They’re both adorable in their own ways, they banter and kiss and banter some more. And the way Ringo calls Kris “Tita” and Kris refers to Ringo as “kid”, makes my insides melt, surprisingly hahaha! Speaking of my insides melting, the steam factor of the book is on point, but at the same time there’s something that makes the book wholesome, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Another thing I enjoyed about the book was the whole Seoul adventure, from Korean pop culture references to skin care (read: Collagen!!!!!!!!!), it was fun to see Kris sort of schooling Ringo about it.

Overall, it was a short and fast read but it’s packed with substance. There’s a perfect balance of everything that makes reading the book so worthwhile and enjoyable. Lastly, train meet cute! I’ve read enough train meet cutes, and as someone who rides the train everyday to work, it makes me wonder when I’ll get my own train meet cute.

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