Five New Things We Had During Bookworms Unite PH 2017

Since I think that it’s a little too late to post a full recap, I figured why not do a listicle (list + article, geddit??) to highlight the events that happened during this year’s Bookworms Unite PH.

Before we get down to business, let me just say that this year’s event was really the biggest one we had so far in terms of preparations and program. We stayed at Tweedle Book Cafe for the whole day for the meet up! It was very stressful to keep up with the people, and to tone down their enthusiasm a little (it was hard to match their energies! haha), but all in the end, it was really fun to hang out with bookworms!

First off, we handed out our Bookworms Unite PH Kit during registration.

I manned the registration booth so I was basically the one who welcomed the attendees. Each participant got a kit, with some contents courtesy of our wonderful sponsors. National Bookstore provided the tote bags bookmarks and posters; Macmillan International gave a sampler; Penguin Random House International also gave cool swags. There were also hand-painted bookmarks that we commissioned from my sister and you can check her IG feed here. We also included some goodies that we designed, such as the button pin.

We Still Need Diverse Books Panel

This was one of the highlights of the event, and as panelists we were pretty nervous. One confession, we were so busy prepping everything for the participants that we really didn’t talk about the panel until the night before hahaha! We told stories from our own experiences and recommended a book along with. We’re happy that we were able to pull this panel off, thanks to the participant’s questions, and that people were able to learn a lot from the panel.

A Sweet Introduction to #romanceclass

We did surprise everyone’s feelings because of this one. Although we did mention that we have a live reading, the participants had no clue which book was going to be read and who will do the reading. There were some people who already knew what #romanceclass was all about, but it was truly satisfying to see people getting all mushy and kilig during this live reading. Thanks to our very own Salve of Cuckoo For Books, and Migs Almendras for breathing life into Faith and Nico from Keep The Faith.

With Salve and Migs,the live readers a.k.a. Faith and Nico!

A #romanceclass Talk from Mina Esguerra

(c) JM of Book Freak Revelations

After everyone got a taste of how #romanceclass live readings go, we invited Ms. Mina Esguerra, a Filipino author and basically the one who keeps #romanceclass going, to give a small talk about the #romanceclass community and how it started. She also gave book recommendations on which books to read if readers want to start venturing into the community. Since most of the readers who attended are YA readers, she recommended books by Ana Tejano, Ines B. Yao, and Agay Llanera.

We hosted a book drive along with Bookbed.

For this years event, we raised books for Bookbed’s A Reader Every Day Campaign. We really didn’t get to account how many books we collected, but to estimate, we gave maybe 4-5 boxes worth of books! At first, I was really nervous because I thought not a lot would donate, so I suggested to do a giveaway along with it. We gave two books courtesy of Macmillan International to the person with the most number of books donated. Eventually, it went to Raf of Royal Polar Bear Reads, who had 38 books to donate!!!

There were a lot more things, both new and old, that happened during the event, including the Book Blind Date, and a TV coverage and interviews! Crazy, yeah? It’s always a great experience to hang out with fellow bookworms and this one is an occasion I won’t be able to forget!

Again, we’d like to acknowledge our sponsors and partners: National Book Store, Penguin Random House International, Macmillan International, Summit Books and Pop Fiction Books, Tweedle Book Cafe, and Bookbed. 

Thank you to my fellow organizers who never get tired of hosting this event for bookworms, even though the constant envy is there hahaha! I can’t wait for our victory dinner party soon!

Bookworms Unite PH 2017 Organizers
(L-R: Me, Miel of Bookish and Awesome, Jasmine of Jasmine Pearl Reads, JM of Book Freak Revelations, Hazel of Stay Bookish, and Salve of Cuckoo for Books)

Thank you to #romanceclass authors, Mina Esguerra and Ana Tejano for promoting local books and authors, and for the coolest #romanceclass introduction we had for the participants. To Salve and Migs for being our lovely live readers during the event. To Ms. Tarie Sabido, Chairperson of the Philippine Board of Books for Young Readers, we’re very honored with your presence and thank you for extending the invitation for the National Children’s Book Summit.

And of course, to everyone who participated, donated books, and hung out with us during the event, thank you so much for showing your passion and enthusiasm for reading!

Bookworms Unite!

To celebrate this event, I’m hosting a giveaway on Twitter and Instagram!

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