If The Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman

If The Dress Fits by Carla de Guzman
Publication Date: October 15th 2016
Source: Purchased
Rating: ★★★★★


Martha Aguas kind of has it all–she’s an accountant who loves numbers, an accident-prone puppy that loves her, and the perfect wardrobe.

Yes, she wears a dress size 24, her bras don’t fit and she’s never had a boyfriend, but so what?

It becomes a big deal when her perfect cousin Regina announces her engagement to Enzo, the only boy she’s ever loved (he doesn’t know, so don’t tell him!) Suddenly Aguases from all corners of the globe are coming for the event, and the last thing Martha wants is to be asked why she still prefers her lattes with a waffle on the side.

Thank god for Max. Goofy, funny, dependable Max, who finds himself playing the fake boyfriend at the family festivities. But why does it feel like only one of them is pretending?

There are just some books that you will relate to so much, thus you will fall in love with every single page of it.

For me this book is one of those. It might just be my favorite read of this year, so far. First things first, isn’t the cover gorgeous?

Martha is an amazing MC. She is very, very relatable, and I have nothing, but the purest and highest form of admiration for her. She is a fat girl, and she accepts it, heck she loves it, and she’s proud of it. She has moments of doubts, and yes, she gets hurt by people’s mockery sometimes, but she takes it in stride. She’s also very passionate, and she takes what she wants.

Max, oh Max, is a ray of sunshine, a rainbow, he is everything that’s good with this world. Max is a hopeless romantic. He is patient, he is there for you when you need someone to hangout with or do errands with or cry with or have sexy times with. He understands you, he accepts all of you. I swear, he is everything you would want in a man. To make matters more intense, he loves reading and he spends his life helping sick and injured pets! (PS. I have been in love with Max even before reading this.)

You’d also appreciate the other characters as well, I enjoyed Maggie’s jokes and her #fitspirations, it reminds me of my own sister. I also enjoyed the cousin rivalry with Regina. Also, Martha’s Titas being so very titas is so cute and familiar.

But my favorite is Martha’s relationship with her dad, Martha’s dad is so supportive and loving that I could cry.

The book is also so full of references to other books or movies, and cheese hopias in Tagaytay. Aaaaah, I just really love this book and I can’t give it any less than a five star. ❤

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Hi! My name is Jeremae Manalaysay, but everybody calls me Jem. I love to read and fangirl, then read and fangirl some more.

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    1. Hi Tasya! Thank you for your interest in the book! It really is a wonderful book. This book is part of a group of authors writing under #romanceclass, and I had been reading a lot of them because they are really good plus I really wanted to support authors from our home country, the Philippines.

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