The Bye-Bye Bouquet by Chi Yu Rodriguez

The Bye-Bye Bouquet by Chi Yu Rodriguez
Publication Date: February 2016
Source: Purchased
Rating: ★★★★


Every month for the past year, like clockwork, Meile Simon has gotten orders at her shop for the same type of bouquet, from the same guy, delivered to twelve different girls. By the third month, she starts to take note.

Warren Leigh likes women. He does. He knows there are too many beautiful women out there just waiting to be plucked by the right guy. But he firmly believes that personal relationships with them must have an expiration date.

When the girl who likes to watch flowers bloom encounters the guy who’s only in it while the fragrance lasts, curiosity gets the best of both of them.

In the midst of intermittent weather, will their connection blossom or wilt?

This is actually one of the first books I put in my #romanceclass to-buy list because I fell in love with the cover, and the premise is very intriguing.

The story is pretty short, and I would’ve liked some more things to be explored. I needed some more rationalization on Warren’s issues, and I needed a little more character growth, but I did enjoy the parts that were already here.

I super love Meile’s disposition in life and her passion for flowers. I also kind of identify with her old lady habits, she’s adorable. I also loved how intuitive and supportive her dad is. Also, I would definitely want to read more on Geoffrey and Rachel, they’re very cute.

Fun fact: I see Warren as M. A gif of his side smirk replays in my mind when he said “tatoos freak you out?” during the live reading. Hahaha.

To summarize, this is a great book that I really enjoyed reading, and #romanceclass books are such good books that if you have not read at least one of them yet, I suggest you start. Please start.

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