A Promdi’s Guide to Self-Discovery by Rhea Gonzales

A Promdi’s Guide to Self-Discovery by Rhea Gonzales
Publication Date: November 26th 2016
Source: Review Copy from the Author


Kung tatanungin mo kung ano ang pangarap ni Mayumi Gonzales, isa lang ang isasagot niya – ang makawala mula sa mahirap at maliit na mundo niya sa probinsya. Kaya naman nang binigyan siya ng pagkakataong makapag-aral sa isang kolehiyo sa Manila, kinuha niya ito agad sa pag-aakalang ito na ang sagot na hinihiling niya. Puno pala ng drama ang buhay na naghihintay sa kanya at hindi siya handa para dito. Ipasok pa sa storya ang isang gwapong gitarista ng isang sikat na banda at talagang hindi na malaman ni Mayumi kung ano ang gagawin.

Ano ba ang dapat gawin ng isang promdi na katulad niya para malagpasan ang malulupit na mga pagsubok na darating?

I received an ARC of this book from the Author. No compensation in any form was received for the review of this book.

It’s actually my first time to review a book written in my native language and it actually feels cool! I should do this more often!! So since some of you probably didn’t understand the synopsis, let me give you the gist of the story.

Mayumi is the protagonist, she’s from the province (Promdi is a Filipino slang for people from the province) and she has been offered by her bestfriend’s dad full ride to college in Manila. Then she meets Nathan, a guitarist of a famous band. She realized that the life she expected wasn’t all great, rather it was full of drama and challenges.

Mayumi lives a simple life in the province. She even described their technology as ancient, with non-functioning lamp posts, phones way too big, and tv channels you can count with your fingers. And this is real. Remote areas like this exist in our country.

Mayumi is smart, but a little naive with the modern culture of Manila. She almost got lost when she arrived in Manila while looking for her supposed place to stay. That’s how he met Nathan, a blue haired rockstar. I would call this a meet cute but Nathan is deadass arrogant okay? So there goes trope number one: bad boy-good girl. Also trope number two: rich boy-poor girl. And then, first day of school, she learned that she and Nathan are classmates in one of her subjects.

I definitely have mixed feelings about this. It was quite fun and interesting to read but then, I gave too many eye rolls while reading because most of the tropes I hate were present in this book. Yet, I don’t know, it’s actually a little funny because most Filipinos stick to these tropes in stories especially in romance, like there’s nothing more Pinoy than sticking with these typical tropes and stereotypes.

Another trope present in the book was the love triangle. Remember when I said Nathan was arrogant? Well, he flirted and dated Mayumi’s bestfriend, Claire, just to get back at her. Why? Because he was being jealous for all the wrong reasons. This was the thing I hated the most with Nathan, he’s being overly jealous yet he’s not defining his relationship with Mayumi. He’s possessive and that’s really unhealthy in a relationship, and of course being the arrogant person that he is, he’s got a dark past. I mean, don’t they all? *cue another eyeroll*

How did Nathan get his redemption arc? HE DIDN’T! Mayumi got into an accident with a bunch of robbers and she ended up in the hospital. So Nathan rushed into the hospital and opened up to Mayumi about his past. I don’t necessarily hate this trope, though it’s a little tiring to see. (and this was a little more spoilery than I intended)

Overall, this book wasn’t so bad. I guess it just fell into the hands of the wrong reader. Also this book got an award in Wattpad so I’m pretty sure that a lot of local readers would appreciate this more than I did. I guess I just read a lot of stories like this that I feel really tired with this. Maybe if the book was called A Promdi’s Guide to First Love, I wouldn’t expect so much.


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