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Okay so I’m really excited for this particular topic, and I may get very passionate so be warned for potential spoilers.

Here’s the thing about me, if you don’t see me with a book, I’m probably snuggling my laptop in bed watching a movie, or better yet having a series marathon. So here’s my top ten TV favorite TV Show OTPs!

Nick and Jess (New Girl)

I think I stopped watching New Girl around Season 4 but Nick and Jess will forever be one of my favorites. I love how cute and dorky and awkward these two can be and I seriously love their banter. I think I started shipping them the moment Nick ditched Caroline and the party he, Coach, and Schmidt were supposed to attend just to pick up Jess, after she was ditched herself by a guy in a restaurant. Then they just started singing Time of My Life. That was really sweet and funny.

Matt Murdock and Karen Page (Daredevil)

I didn’t expect for this one to bloom, and I was just waiting for this to happen in the show. From the first season, I can already see the tension between these two, although it was a bit subtle and then season two came, then BAM! I do appreciate Elektra and Matt, but this really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I just… I need Karen to be safe at all costs because she’s one of my favorite characters.

Barry Allen and Patty Spivot (The Flash)

(why are there no other gif of them besides kissing) But OMG, this might be one of the most underrated ships ever (with the constant WestAllen and SnowBarry fight) but I really loved the dynamics and chemistry between Barry and Patty. I still hurt whenever I think about Patty leaving Central City. IT JUST HURTS! And I’m still waiting for the Earth 2 version of Patty. My favorite scene between them two was when they went to a date and Barry was blind after a metahuman attack so he was wearing sunglasses with a camera and Cisco was assisting him, it was funny and adorable at the same time and it all ended better. <3

Liv Moore and Lowell Tracey (iZombie)

Okay so I thought at first that Bradley James was going to be a one time thing for this show but I’m SO GLAD he was a recurring character for season one and I really love the chemistry between him and Liv and it honestly broke me open, tore me apart, and left me to pieces. Now, I still haven’t seen season 2 of iZombie so I have no idea what’s happening but I’m really looking forward to watching it soon.

Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse (Agents of SHIELD)

“Don’t die out there, alright?”

UGH THESE TWO! One of my top three TV OTPs! Honestly, I think every single viewer of AOS will agree with me on this. They’re one of the best TV couples ever! I love their banter and they fight constantly but they get together so well, they’re giving me feels RIGHT IN THE CHEST. I never saw this coming, really. Since Hunter and Bobbi never got together in the comics, as far as I know Bobbi married Hawkeye in the comics. But in the MCU, they worked out so well that they were supposed to be given a spin-off show, but Marvel decided to drop it which was really disappointing because they got written off the show already.  I’m really hoping they get back on the show somehow. Please, Marvel. Please.

Will and Riley (Sense8)

From the first episode on the show, I’ve already seen them getting together so it wasn’t a big surprise. But still, a lot of things happened before they finally get to see each other in flesh. I’m super excited for the next season so  I could finally see them back, all of them!

Kala and Wolfgang (Sense8)

Ohhhh I love this one! Basically my favorite from the show! <3

I think I started shipping them right off the bat, and possibly one of my favorite scenes from the show was when all 8 of them started singing “What’s Up” and Kala and Wolfgang were both leaning towards the mic, AND I JUST… MY HEART COULD NOT TAKE IT! So yeah, I was waiting for the kiss to happen and the anticipation was truly worth it! I can’t wait to see what happens to them in season 2, especially after what happened during the finale.

Skye and Grant Ward (Agents of SHIELD)

I know. I know. Ward double crossed the team, being HYDRA all the time, but you can’t blame me for shipping these two because they have the chemistry. I guess, I’m one of the earliest SkyeWard shippers in the AOS fandom. And yes, I was surprised and hurt when they revealed Ward is HYDRA, but it took me a long time to lose faith in him. HAHA, silly little me. Which takes me to my next favorite ship…

Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell (Agents of SHIELD)

Who says I can’t ship both SkyeWard and these two Inhumans? Okay, okay. I started shipping Daisy and Lincoln during Season 2, when we got to learn about the Inhumans. Lincoln was a healer, and sort of a mentor for Daisy (who was still going as Skye during that season). And then, from there, I completely got hooked with their chemistry, and their relationship was further explored during the third season, and then the thing happened in the finale and now I AM LEFT BROKEN. But then at least, the next ship is a goody.

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons (Agents of SHIELD)

I guess by this moment, you already know my favorite TV show. And you completely knew this was coming. TOP PICK FOR THIS LIST YES THESE TWO ARE ADORABLE!

These two, collectively known as FitzSimmons, I mean, even their whole team calls them that. I called it the moment they were introduced in the show. Their first scene was a banter between them and I remember thinking, “Oh these two better get it on soon.” It didn’t happen soon though. It took us almost three whole seasons before we got that kiss. AND BOY WAS THE ANTICIPATION REALLY SATISFIED. I’m really looking forward to more of them in the next season! <3

So there goes my top ten favorite TV OTPs! I just realized how frequent Marvel appears on this list, but really I haven’t been watching that much compared to what I’ve been doing before. I feel like from the last year, I’ve only been following Agents of SHIELD  and The Flash on TV, and then the Netflix shows, such as Daredevil. Of course, I’m looking forward for AOS and Flash to come back next month!

How about you? Who’s your favorite TV OTP?


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    1. I waited a loooong time for FitzSimmons to be official and it’s the best thing ever! AOS S3 is definitely the best so far! I can’t wait to see more of it especially after watching the S4 premiere! And I feel the same about Ward too! I still gave him the benefit of the doubt, especially during S2!

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