Even If The Sky Falls by Mia Garcia

even if the sky fallsEven If The Sky Falls by Mia Garcia
Publication Date: May 10th 2016 by Katherine Tegen Books
Source: ARC from Publisher via Edelweiss
Rating: ★★


All she needs is one night to be anyone she wants.

Julie is desperate for a change. So she heads to New Orleans with her youth group to rebuild houses and pretend her life isn’t a total mess. But between her super-clingy team leader and her way-too-chipper companions, Julie feels more trapped than ever.

In a moment of daring, she ditches her work clothes for DIY fairy wings and heads straight into the heart of Mid-Summer Mardi Gras, where she locks eyes with Miles, an utterly irresistible guy with a complicated story of his own. And for once, Julie isn’t looking back. She jumps at the chance to see the real New Orleans, and in one surreal night, they dance under the stars, share their most shameful secrets, and fall in love.

But their adventure takes an unexpected turn when an oncoming hurricane changes course. As the storm gains power and Julie is pulled back into chaos she finds pretending everything is fine is no longer an option.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange of a review. No compensation in any form was received for the review of this book.

The moment I saw the cover and read the synopsis of this book, I immediately fell in love with it. If you know me well, then you can recall my love for 24-hour romances, so I had high hopes for this one. But I was disappointed with the book, or something like that. I don’t really know my overall feeling towards this. I guess it’s just meh.

The book was set in New Orleans, during Mardi Gras. It’s my first time to read a book set during Mardi Gras so I was looking forward to enjoying it. I did enjoy the first parts, but it was downhill from there.

The characters were underdeveloped and I just couldn’t feel them at all. There was no connection between the characters and the readers. The chemistry and the love story between Julie and Miles were lacking as well.

The story had a potential and I really appreciated the efforts put towards this book. I mean, there was something good about Julie’s relationship with his brother, Adam, and how she’s trying to help him cope with his PTSD. Garcia’s writing was also okay, I did enjoy some of the chapters, especially the verse ones.

Overall, the book was okay. It has potential but I think it could’ve been better. There was just too many things going on with the book. And the ending felt a little off from the overall vibe of the story. Still, I’m glad most people enjoyed reading this book but I guess it wasn’t really just for me this time.


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