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Being a mood reader is crazy thing to be. I find it really hard to schedule my tbr because I’m such a mood reader.

Mood readers tend to be really picky.

This, I can attest to. I’m sure you would agree if you’re one. I pick up books based on my mood. Sure, it’s a common thing because most people do this, but it’s really hard to keep up when your mood constantly changes in a snap. Growing up reading books, I still can’t say I’ve mastered it but I’m really getting the hang of it.


Look at this picture above for example. These are half the titles I’ve read for this year. It’s very diverse right? Yeah? Honestly, I want to congratulate myself!


Since the start of the year, I’ve been reading contemporaries. I’ve barely touched anything but that genre. Of course, exceptions from books I participated in blog tours for and from the ones I’m really excited about. About 20 out of the 30 books I’ve read are contemporaries. It’s special to me, but it doesn’t hurt me either to pick up dystopian or fantasy either! Being a mood reader is the main reason why I end up in reading slumps.

Also, if there’s one thing most mood readers can do, it’s to successfully not follow their TBR schedule.

So yeah here are some tips if you’re struggling to find that perfect book to suit your mood.

Establish your mood.

Do you feel sad? Happy? Angry? This is the first step. You don’t want to pick a book that doesn’t suit the way you’re feeling right now. Sometimes it leads to bias, especially when it comes to reviewing it.

Scour Goodreads, especially the lists.

Now that you’ve identified what mood you’re in, it’s time to search for that perfect book. There are tons of lists based on books you’ve read, and based on genre. Besides Goodreads, also try to look at the books in your shelf that you haven’t read yet. Bookworms have a big tendency of buying books that they end up not reading.

It is very important to pick a book that suits your mood. If you’re feeling happy, get a happy-looking book. If you feel sad, get a sad book, wallow in your sorrow and think about all your failures in life.

If the book ends up not suiting your mood, CRY BECAUSE YOU HAVE FAILED.


Okay, kidding aside

There’s really no right or wrong way of finding a book that suits your mood. I barely even follow the tips I listed above (Now, I’ve realized this is probably just a click-bait haha).To be honest, most of the time, I just pick a book on a whim and try to see if it matches my mood and this is exactly how I discover my favorite books. Now, if you think that the tips I shared actually helps, go forth then and search for the book that fits perfect to your feelings, while I feel giddy and contented at my attempt at being sarcastic. Hahaha!

Honestly, find a book. You can go now.


Yeah, this is my attempt to be funny and sarcastic haha! But honestly, are you guys mood readers as well? How do you pick the books you want to read?



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  1. “Also, if there’s one thing most mood readers can do, it’s to successfully not follow their TBR schedule.”


    I actually consider myself as a mood reader too (the most often cause of my book slumps *cries*) I don’t have anything that helps me pick the next book I want to read, though. Most often than not, I (1) pick the one which I’ve recently discussed/hyped/fangirled with a friend or (2) a book which has been recently triggered by something (a book review, suggestion, or *sometimes* pretty pretty covers haha!)

    Nice discussion post, Inah!

    Goodreads, YES.
    Ailla @ Le Bibliophile~ recently posted…PROM QUEEN PERFECT – Clarisse David {Cover Reveal}My Profile

  2. This is so true! I’m 100% a mood reader (like a lot of people), which means that there’s always the same books sitting on my TBR shelf. This year I’ve managed to read quite diversely, but recently I’ve been reading a lot of contemporaries because I just haven’t had the energy to get invested in a really heavy book. School plays a big part in the books I read, so I’m going to try to read some different genres during the summer. Mood reading also affects my Goodreads challenge, which is disappointing and makes me cringe every time I see how far behind I am!

    Denise | The Bibliolater
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    1. Oh same here, Denise! I guess one of the reasons why I stick with contemps nowadays is because I do want to read but I haven’t really had the time for it so I tend to pick light reads. Mood reading plays a big part when it comes to my reading challenges as well, that’s why I only had the goal of 50 instead of the usual 100. Though, I’m glad to say I’m around 8 books ahead of my goal. :D

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