Last Year’s Mistake by Gina Ciocca

last year's mistakeTitle: Last Year’s Mistake
Author: Gina Ciocca
Publication Date: June 9th 2015 by Simon Pulse
Source: eARC from Publisher
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Kelsey and David became best friends the summer before freshman year and were inseparable ever after. Until the night a misunderstanding turned Kelsey into the school joke, and everything around her crumbled—including her friendship with David. So when Kelsey’s parents decided to move away, she couldn’t wait to start over and leave the past behind. Except, David wasn’t ready to let her go…

Now it’s senior year and Kelsey has a new group of friends, genuine popularity, and a hot boyfriend. Her life is perfect. That is, until David’s family moves to town and he shakes up everything. Soon old feelings bubble to the surface and threaten to destroy Kelsey’s second chance at happiness. The more time she spends with David, the more she realizes she never truly let him go. And maybe she never wants to.

Told in alternating sections, LAST YEAR’S MISTAKE is a charming and romantic debut about loving, leaving, and letting go.

I think I have established that the bestfriends-turned-lovers trope is one of my favorites so I wasn’t hesitant in checking out this book. The synopsis sounded really amazing. Was I disappointed? Yeah, I was a little bit disappointed with this book. It started really fine though. I was definitely hooked. I think I even read this one in one sitting?

Kelsey and David were the best of friends until one event turned Kelsey as an outcast. With that, she and her family moved into a new town to start fresh, until David moved to the same town and made everything complicated.

There are three things that I absolutely liked about this book. First, the chapter narration. The chapters were told in alternating timelines, both in the past and the present. It definitely helped me understand and get into the novel easier. It gave depth to the story and it was really enjoyable to read the characters’ back stories as the story unfolds. Second one is the writing style. The story seemed very realistic and genuine. Like I said earlier, it was easy to get into the book which was probably why I read it in one sitting. Lastly, the family relationships. Both characters have strong relationships with their family.

“Because knowing he hated me would have been a thousand times easier than knowing he didn’t love me anymore.”

So now we go over the things that I didn’t like about the book. For one, the character development was slow and shallow. I certainly did not like Kelsey, but I managed to sympathize with her since we both had something in common. I didn’t like her being all slut-shamey who thinks like she’s better than anyone especially towards the people from her past. And I find it pretty ironic since she’s got a pretty cool boyfriend and yet she’s pining over another guy. To be honest, David was easier to relate with compared to Kelsey. This book also has a love-triangle and I wouldn’t actually blame Kelsey’s boyfriend but then he made some pretty bad moves. Actually, they all had bad decisions which had me shaking my head. The romance was a bit frustrating too. There’s nothing really -swoon-worthy about it and it’s the kind of romance that’s exhausting, where people deny that their attracted/still in love with each other until the very end and when they finally admit it everything changes like nothing bad even happened. UGH!

The book was also filled with cliches, which I didn’t mind at first but once I realized that the whole book was mostly one big cliche. It was equally amusing and frustrating, and this totally summed up my feelings towards this book. I enjoyed reading this even though I raised my eyebrows and made faces on different occasions while reading. I honestly think that this book has a lot of potential because of the writing style but unfortunately, it didn’t make me sway. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone but if you’re a big contemporary fan then you might enjoy it more than I did.


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