The Wanderers by Kate Ormand (ARC)

the wanderersTitle: The Wanderers
Author: Kate Ormand
Publication Date: September 1st 2015 by Sky Pony Press
Rating: ★★
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A Unique Twist on Shape-Shifters with Fast-Paced Action, Thrilling Adventure, Mystery, and a Bit of Romance

Flo lives an eccentric life—she travels with a popular circus in which the main acts star orphaned children with secret shape-shifting abilities. Once Flo turns sixteen, she must perform, but she’s not ready. While practicing jumping a flaming hurdle in a clearing beside the circus, she spots a dark figure in the trees and fears he saw her shift. The news sends the circus into a panic.

In Flo’s world, shifters are unknown to humans with the exception of a secret organization—the EOS, referred to as “hunters.” Hunters capture and kill. They send some shifters to labs for observation and testing—testing they don’t often survive—and deem others useless, a danger to society, and eliminate them. To avoid discovery, shifters travel in packs, constantly moving and keeping themselves hidden. Up until now, the circus was the perfect disguise.

Believing she has brought attention to the group, Flo feels dread and anxiety, causing her to make a mistake during her performance in front of the audience—a mistake that triggers a violent attack from the hunters.

Flo manages to flee the torched circus grounds with Jett, the bear shifter who loves her; the annoying elephant triplets; and a bratty tiger named Pru. Together they begin a new journey, alone in a world they don’t understand and don’t know how to navigate. On the run, they unravel secrets and lies that surround the circus and their lives—secrets and lies that all point to the unthinkable: Have they been betrayed by the people they trusted most?

The concept of the story is definitely strange and new for me, which made me interested to read it in the first place. I have to say I was a bit alienated with the story but it was pretty interesting to read.

The Wanderers tells the story of Flo, a shapeshifter who transforms into a horse. She, along with other shifters, work in a circus where they perform shows every night as their animal counterparts. Their group has always been on the look out for Hunters but what they didn’t know was that the Hunters had always been ahead of them.

Flo has a strong spirit and she’s admirable. Her bestfriend-turned-romantic partner, Jett, has always been at her side. He’s actually adorable but I kind of felt that the romance between them was a bit lacking despite having good chemistry.  The other characters were pretty interesting as well.

Death or testing, they’re the only two outcomes of getting caught.

I have to say that I had a difficulty grasping the whole story. I felt like the start of the story was slow-paced then it picked up really fast and things were happening all of a sudden. It was confusing so I had to take breaks in between reading. I’m a bit disappointed with the book because there wasn’t a solid closure, which is why I’m a bit hesitant as to whether to read the next book or not.

Even though the concept was intriguing and interesting, I believe the story wasn’t really just for me.


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