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The last time I made a Nerdiscoveries post, it was about a TV show. Now, I raise you guys another one. Well, technically this one is an Netflix original series.

I heard about Sense8 on Twitter. I kept on seeing this on my timeline for weeks. Fellow bookworms, and even authors, kept on tweeting about this so I, naturally, caved in and checked the series out. First scene of the pilot episode and I was already hooked. Naveen Andrews’ familiar face (my Mom is a big fan of Lost) made me more interested about it.

In case you haven’t heard about this yet (Surely, you have), the story is about eight different characters, from different places all over the world, connected to each other both emotionally and mentally which started from a shared vision. They’re called sensates. And yeah, the title is totally a wordplay.

Will Gorski, aka my cute lil puppy! <3
Will Gorski, aka my cute lil puppy! <3

The characters are really amazing and I love the fact that most of the actors are really similar to their characters. Will , is a police from Chicago aka my cute lil puppy. Riley is a DJ from Iceland, working in London; Capheus is a van driver from Kenya; Nomi, is a transwoman hacktivist living with her girlfriend in San Francisco; Sun is a daughter of a wealthy businessman from Seoul; Kala is a pharmacist from India; Wolfgang is from Berlin, an occasional locksmith-slash-robber; and Lito, an actor from Mexico.

I love the diversity of the characters in the show! It’s so refreshing to see diverse culture and locations interconnected to each other in one show. It’s just fricking amazing! They all have great chemistry together which was showcased everytime one character pops in and helps another, which is totally cool! The SHIPS IN THIS SHOW ARE TOTALLY LOVELY! My poor heart can’t take it. <33333

I also love the whole vibe of the show, each episode left me wanting more so I ended up watching the whole series in one day. Actually, I watched the first two episodes before I left for Uni but I had to stop because I became really busy with things so when I arrived at my dorm in Uni, I rewatched the first two then continued the rest of the series. Haha!

If you haven’t seen this show yet, please do watch it! Especially for sci-fi enthusiasts!


Have you seen Sense8? Tell me about your favorite character(s)/episode(s)!


*UPDATE: Sense8 has just been confirmed to return for another season so HELL YES!!!! <3

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    1. They just tweeted a video confirming that they’re coming back for Season 2!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!! <3

        1. I actually teared up while I was watching the video. OMG!!!! I can’t stop smiling since hahaha <3

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