KMR in PH Recap + a Pre-Birthday Bash!!

Hi guys! I’m really excited to share with you what happened yesterday, which was one of the best days ever!!!

So yesterday, I met not only one, but three authors!!


Yup! National Bookstore brought Katie Cotugno, Melissa Kantor, and one of my favorite authors, Robyn Schneider this weekend for a book signing event! This was one of my most anticipated events since last year when Robyn herself tweeted that she’s coming over to the Philippines for a book tour.

I went to the venue with Jem, and we got around 170th on the line which was pretty fine for me. During the registration, they were playing videos from Epic Reads which were awesome! It consisted of Author Interviews/Spotlights and the famous Book Nerd Problems series which can be found on their Youtube channel.

During the event proper, Jem and I were able to grab seats, together with my friend Denise and her friend Dani.

I paid attention to the Q&A part but I couldn’t remember much because here’s the thing, Robyn told the story on how she got the name of Ezra Faulkner from The Beginning of Everything. Basically, she dated a guy in college and his cousin’s name is Ezra, who happened to be in this college band. And that college band turned out to be fricking Vampire Weekend! AND I LOVE VAMPIRE WEEKEND! So does my friend Denise, so basically we went full on fangirl because we both love Robyn and Vampire Weekend. It was so crazy and people kept looking, smiling, laughing at us and yeah, it was pretty funny.


Denise and I both got to ask questions in the Q&A. Denise asked Robyn who her favorite Doctor from Doctor Who was. Robyn answered Ten. I asked Katie what’s with complex love stories and why she loves to write them. She said, she likes her characters real and flawed. I also asked Robyn what her favorite Vampire Weekend song was, and she answered Oxford Comma!!!! I cannot believe I got to courage to stand up and ask a question in the Q&A. This isn’t the first book signing event I attended but it’s the first time I got to ask questions.

Me with Miguel, Miel and Dianne
Me with Miguel, Miel and Dianne

After the Q&A part, I got to meet (finally) Dianne of Oops! I Read A Book Again, Miguel of The Quirky Reader, and Miel of Bookish and Awesome. It was so cool that they recognized me after I asked the question because it was Vampire Weekend related. Hahaha! I also got to see some of my bookish friends, Erika, Miedjel, Kyra and Jassie!

The signing proper went fast, I went to Melissa first. I wrote on my sticky note with my name that it’s my birthday today and she greeted me Happy Birthday. She asked me how old I’m turning today and what my plans were. I told her I’m 20 today and I had dinner plans with my family. One of the staffs even asked me if they were invited, to which I enthusiastically said, “Sure!!”. Melissa was really kind and warm. After she signed my book, we hugged.


with Melissa Kantor
with Melissa Kantor

Katie was next. I love Katie Cotugno, even though I kind of had a love-hate relationship with her book, 99 Days. She’s very animated and funny and quirky. She also greeted me an advanced happy birthday! I told her I watched her interview alongside Robyn on TV and I found it funny that she tweeted, “Hey Ma I was on TV!” and we both laughed about it. I couldn’t remember if I hugged her. All I knew was that I was smiling when I left her booth.

With Katie Cotugno

Last was Robyn Schneider. She was signing a  lot of books, to the point that she’s already standing to make it really fast. I wrote on my post it that she said, “Sorry for the crying” when I told her I cried from reading Extraordinary Means. I also told her that it was my birthday and she was like, “Oh sorry, I was writing sorry for the feels. That’s awesome! Happy Birthday!”. I also told her I read Extraordinary Means last year, and about that Twitter conversation we had before. And she remembered me! That was fricking awesome!!

Also we’re both lefties!!!!!!

with Robyn Schneider
with Robyn Schneider
My signed books
My signed books

I finished around 5pm, and afterwards I met up with my family to grab a buffet dinner to celebrate my birthday a day early. I really had a great time yesterday. The restaurant even had a band to sing birthday songs for me, and the others who’s also celebrating. It was pretty awesome! And yes, it’s my birthday today so HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY TO ME!


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    1. Aww! Too bad! I didn’t actually expect the weather to be that bad because I had no idea there’s a typhoon, or three, last weekend. I’m happy to hear you liked her works! And yeah, her favorite Doctor is Ten!

      Hopefully next time, we could have the chance to meet up.

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