Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider (ARC)

extraordinary means

Title: Extraordinary Means
Author: Robyn Schneider
Publication Date: May 26th 2015 by Katherine Tegen Books
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From the author of The Beginning of Everything: two teens with a deadly disease fall in love on the brink of a cure.

At seventeen, overachieving Lane finds himself at Latham House, a sanatorium for teens suffering from an incurable strain of tuberculosis. Part hospital and part boarding school, Latham is a place of endless rules and confusing rituals, where it’s easier to fail breakfast than it is to flunk French.

There, Lane encounters a girl he knew years ago. Instead of the shy loner he remembers, Sadie has transformed. At Latham, she is sarcastic, fearless, and utterly compelling. Her friends, a group of eccentric troublemakers, fascinate Lane, who has never stepped out of bounds his whole life. And as he gradually becomes one of them, Sadie shows him their secrets: how to steal internet, how to sneak into town, and how to disable the med sensors they must wear at all times.

But there are consequences to having secrets, particularly at Latham House. And as Lane and Sadie begin to fall in love and their group begins to fall sicker, their insular world threatens to come crashing down. Told in alternating points of view, Extraordinary Means is a darkly funny story about doomed friendships, first love, and the rare miracle of second chances.


God I am lost for words.

This is the sort of book that you’ll grow to love and adore and then it’ll leave you somehow broken and yet fulfilled at the same time.

I read this book back in this month because what the hell right? I haven’t read anything from Robyn Schneider but I’ve been eyeing The Beginning of Everything for a long time. So I dove into this book without knowledge of how she writes.

“We were the ones who’d faded away, who hadn’t come back in fall.”

This book is told in alternating POVs of Lane and Sadie, which meant extra points for me because dual POVs are very cool. Haha! Lane and Sadie both have tuberculosis and they’re staying at Latham, which is kind of like a hospital-slash-boarding school for people like them.

I instantly loved their chemistry. The first chapters for both characters really left me craving for more. I loved Lane’s character because he’s really an ideal guy. He’s smart, kind and really has a good sense of humor, not to mention good looking. Well, at least according to Sadie. Sadie’s character kind of reminded me of Alaska Young from John Green’s Looking for Alaska. She comes up as a carefree, smart and kind of rebellious type but really there’s more to her than her strong facade.

“He was familiar and unfamiliar, like a song I’d heard a different version of, and whose lyrics I couldn’t quite remember.”

The book kinda reminded me of The Fault in Our Stars to be honest, but it’s got a different kind of caliber. Along the pages, I occasionally pick up life lessons which makes me want to highlight every single word of the book.

This gave me a great emotional experience. Hahaha! I got to laugh and gush and yes, cry. It’s been a long time since I last cried so hard because of a book. And well, that was TFiOS which I read back in 2012. I loved every single thing about this.

“Someone always gets hurt. But what no one ever tells you is that you can get hurt more than once.”

TL;DR I love this book to pieces and I’d definitely recommend this book!


As part of our blogoversary celebration, we’ll be giving away one finished copy of Extraordinary Means for PH Residents only. Since, Robyn Schneider is visiting the Philippines this July (along with Katie Cotugno and Melissa Kantor), and July means my birthmonth and Jem’s graduation from Uni, the copy will be signed (and personalized if everything goes well).

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  1. im so excited to read this!… but i dont have a copy yet :( i really hope to win. thank you for this! <3

  2. I really want to read this because the first book of Robyn Schneider is really lovely. And I know this book is really excellent! Congratulations on your blogoversary and advance happy birthday! :)

  3. I really want to read this because the first book of Robyn Schneider is really lovely. And I know this book is really excellent! Congratulations on your blogoversary, advance happy birthday to you Inah and happy graduation to you
    Jem! :)

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