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The thing about me is that most of the time, I don’t really find or discover things out by myself. More often than not I learn about new stuff (songs, bands, books etc.) through my friends (let’s call her Inah) hahahaha!

So a few weeks ago, she tweeted about this very cute guy, Alex Caplow, and his band, Magic Man, and from experience, I’m talking about my complete trust in Inah’s taste, and the fact that I’m sort of obsessed with *coughs coughs* Bastille now, all because of her and her tweets, so yeah, I checked it out. I also tried to follow Alex on Twitter and it’s kind of awesome that he followed me back.

Well, I actually first checked out the Album Art Cover before listening. I’m sorry but I’m kind of an OC with art covers. :)) Okay, so I saw the cover of their album called Before the Waves, and instantly fell in love with it. The cover was colorful and pleasing to the eyes.


It was a nice preview to the album I’d listened to for a few days non-stop.

Their music has a kind of a up-beat, happy-dance-y feels to it, and some of the happy-dance-y music I’ve listened to before caused me headaches, but suprisingly their songs did not, so I just listened on and on.

Also, I went to their wiki-page and discovered that this sound is actually called synth-pop/synth-rock. (Meaning they play with a synthesizer that is usually played with a keyboard) Their songs sound really nice with it so all I’ve gotta say is Synth-Rock On! =)))

So for the songs, I can say that everything is awesome and you would not regret listening to it. I promise!

Some of the most notable songs are Every Day, because this song is so catchy. I also really loved Paris. I also read that Alex and Sam Lee, who basically started the band, stayed in France and worked as laborers for food and lodging for a time, so that song may be about that but I don’t really know. I think they have an MV for this song too. :)) Another great song is Chicagoland, it kinda makes you wanna dance and move your head to the beat.

So there! I hoped I convinced you to at least try listen to them because they just really deserve to be heard. I left the playlist at the end of the post. Have a listen! 

PS. Their twitter profile consists of many Alex Caplow baby pics which is beyond adorable, check it!!! :))


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