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Michelle Hodkin and Fully Booked has kicked off the PH Book Signing events for 2015! It was my first time to attend a book signing hosted by Fully Booked and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

I arrived at Fully Booked around 7:30AM with my sister and my friend. The queue was quite long already, I was 67th according to the list. It was around 9AM when the line moved and the guards asked us to transfer in front of the main entrance.

The queue for the registration.
The queue for the registration.

We got our books registered past 10AM. Since the book signing event didn’t start until 7PM, we still got several hours to kill so we decided to hang around Fully Booked and around BGC. It was actually my first time to go to Fully Booked BGC and I really enjoyed the vast collection of books. The branch was also on sale so it took me a lot of guts not to buy a book. My sister, being the photography enthusiast that she is, enjoyed the place as well.

It was around 6:30PM when Michelle arrived the venue, but we waited for 30 mins for the actual program to start. During the forum, people got to ask Michelle questions, which she answered enthusiastically. Here are some of the facts that I learned about her.

  • If Michelle wasn’t a lawyer/writer, she would be a singer-songwriter.
  • She had three different editors, one for each book. One of her editors became an FBI Agent.
  • Michelle is scared of dolls. She’s got dolls in her room but she doesn’t like to give them away because she’s scared the dolls might get angry at her, come back and haunt her. Hahaha
  • She said that the Mara Dyer Trilogy was inspired by her friend’s daughter, who was in an accident years ago, where her friends died and she suffered PTSD. A year after, Michelle tried to find out what happened to her but she couldn’t find any information regarding it.
  • She said that the ending of the trilogy was final and she knew it from the start, so from there she wrote the series and worked her way backwards.
  • She had to fight for the first chapter of Unbecoming because the editors/publishers didn’t want it. (Yay for Michelle!!!)
  • Obnoxious and misunderstood, she described Noah when asked.
  • When asked for a fan cast, she said she relies on the fans for this thing. She didn’t have TV for 4 years so she has no idea who to cast. But, she said that Ethan Hawke’s character from Reality Bites, Troy Dyer, inspired Noah’s character and Mara’s surname.
  • Her fave reads are Lev Grossman’s The Magician, and Lolita, which she read when she was young and inspired her to gravitate towards darker characters.
  • “Read everything and never give up.”
  • “If you won’t read anything, you can’t write anything.”
  • “The only difference between writers and authors is that authors are the writers who never gave up.”
michelle hodkin ph
Michelle signing my books :)

During the book signing proper, Michelle really took her time signing the books and chatting to each fan. We all got our books personalized. I also got a bookmark from the Mara Dyer PH fandom, which I had Michelle sign as well. During my turn, I went completely blank. My heart was beating so fast, I had no idea what to say. Michelle is one of my favorite authors so imagine my distress and excitement. I told her about my friends who also wished to meet her.

Michelle is a real sweetheart and her smile lights up the whole universe. Even my sister adored her so much. Hahaha. I got to hug her during our pic. I had to hand my phone to the staff for our photo because my had was shaking and the pic would just come out terrible. Hahaha!

I got all three books signed and I loved the small dedications she wrote in my books. I thanked her for coming here and for Noah Shaw. <3

I also got to meet up with my friends Jassie and Pam, whom I met during Gayle Forman’s signing last year. I also finally met Hazel of Stay Bookish!

I’m not sure if Michelle has left the country at this time, but I’m sure she had a great time here. Big thanks to Fully Booked for bringing Michelle here. This is definitely one of the highlights of my 2015!



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