Book Review: How I Fall by Anne Eliot

Title: How I Fall
Author: Anne Eliot
Source: e-book from the Author
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Rating: ★★★★★


Goodreads Summary

What if the one person you can’t stop thinking about…
…can’t stop thinking about you?

What if during one long day you failed at everything because you met this glitter-crazed new girl who practically ruins your life? Worse, she insists you and your secret crush become best friends—with her?!! Only you don’t have time to be friends with insane people, and you think your crush might need to stay the way it’s always been: Distant. Impossible. In your head. This is because you have problems and secrets a crush would never understand.

But what if the three of you wind up assigned to a group photography project, and rumors are already circling about the new girl being ridiculous? You know she’s nice but alone, so you convince your crush to help protect the new girl. Working on the project suddenly makes hanging out, texting, talking—and even high school—seem completely normal when it’s anything but.

What if you fall for each other just enough to kiss…and it’s perfect? You tell secrets and make the kind of promises that might be impossible to keep when you’re only sixteen. Which is why, long before it all falls apart, you already knew nothing this beautiful could have been meant to be yours for long.

But what if…

High School Romance, Sweet young adult.

My Review

I don’t even know how and where to start describing this book. It’s absolutely brilliant and I think that beautiful wouldn’t even suffice. I love how Anne Eliot created her characters. They’re very real and easy to relate to.

This is my first time reading an Anne Eliot novel and I am so happy because I was given an opportunity to read this book. I came across this book earlier this month on Goodreads because I was looking for new book recs. I have been wanting to read this since I saw it because I really liked the blurb. Fortunately, Anne Eliot did not fail me. If any, this book had exceeded my expectations. I thought that this might just be like any contemporary romance, but nope. It’s got the right mix of romance, comedy and drama.

I liked Ellen’s personality. She’s really strong and independent. I salute her for being that strong despite of her disability. She’s a great inspiration to everyone. Patrick’s and Laura’s characters were really amazing background characters. I loved them individually and as a pair, especially Laura, being Irish and all that spontaneity in her. I loved their energy in every scene that they were part of. Camden Campbell… where do I start with Camden Campbell? It seems that I found another book boyfriend, eh? He may look like a total jock-type of guy, but nope! The guy is a total dork! And guess what? I love dorky guys! He’s just so cute! The way he blushes, the way he plans his way to talk to Ellen and all other stuff makes my heart melt over and over again.

I also liked the pop culture references, like Teen Wolf and I have to agree with Ellen about Isaac Lahey and Stiles Stilinski. Hahaha! The conflicts in the story, this is where things go realistic. It seems like the author really knows what teenagers are facing and having struggles in life. The way she presented these conflicts and issues really speaks straight to me. It’s very relatable and it’s one of the things that I love about a book.

I have to admit, the ending was really unexpected and a bit of a shocker for me. I can’t wait to get my head into the next book. I am really really excited to read it!

I’m taking this opportunity to thank Anne Eliot for giving me the chance to read this book. Thank you so so much for this, Anne! I am eternally grateful! *winks*


About the Author

Anne Eliot is the bestselling author of the young adult books, Almost and Unmaking Hunter Kennedy as well as the new series How I fall and How I Fly (coming soon).

Her work, Almost has been sold into Turkish and German tranlsations and this whole job plus interacting with fans and other writers has been a wonderful dream come true.

 She loves writing about teens who live outside the ordinary and she’s devoted to stories with sweet first kisses and first loves. When she’s not writing she’s reading about medieval times, Vikings, scouring dusty bookshops and goofing off in general.

 Anne resides in Colorado with a very patient husband, kids she adores (near and far) who are growing up too fast, and two shoe-eating dogs who refuse to run away.

 She can also be found dreaming on tumblr or tweeting @yaromance or goofing off on Facebook because, yes…she does procrastinate very well.

 She loves to volunteer, work with teen writers, visit schools. speak at libraries, teach at writers conferences–just ask–and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI), Romance Writers of America (RWA), Pikes Peak Writers and DBW.

 Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr


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A 22 year old bibliophile from the outskirts of Manila, who loves reading books for passion.

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