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Shattering Halos
Author: Sunniva Dee

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc;
Publication: February 22, 2014
Pages: 364

Genre: New Adult/Paranormal Romance


– it is “Beautiful Disaster” meets the TV series “Supernatural”…if the brothers were angels and love made them lose their heads.

He traded my death for love. I wasn’t given a choice. His decision has caught up with us, so now I am a living, breathing catalyst to war between Heaven and Hell.

The violations he committed saved my life. Since the collision, he’s appeared everywhere. In my hospital room, my school, even my house. He shows up in my paintings, my drawings, in all of my art projects. I can’t stop thinking about him.

He says his name is Gabriel, and he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He doesn’t know how I can see him or why he loves me in ways that should be impossible for a Celestial.

My obsession grows. I want him to hold me, kiss me—give all of himself. For every day he protects me, the consequences loom darker and taller. Soon, they’ll crash down on us. Yes, the war is about to begin.

My Review

My attention was immediately grabbed when I saw the words TV series Supernatural on the tagline. I am a big fan of that show, I’m not even kidding. So when the author contacted me on Goodreads, I signed up for the book tours.

I was expecting a darker theme to the book, since well Supernatural is like that, and I’m glad it delivered somehow. This is one of the books that you cannot put down. I’m personally a big fan of Angel novels and storylines *coughs* Supernatural Season four, hello Christian Mythology *coughs* and I’m glad I picked this book up.

I liked Gabriel. He’s really a great character and I love it when he throws tantrums whenever Gaia and Cassiel puts on a show. I liked Cassiel at first, but the guy can’t take a hint, so all throughout the book I was doubts about his loyalties. Gaia, the main character, on the other hand, I didn’t feel like she was a strong character. I felt like she was too dependent on Gabriel. Although, I like her most of the time, it’s just that when she’s with Gabriel, it’s like she melts into a puddle. I mean, I know the guy is worthy enough for a girl to melt into a puddle, I just think that Gaia could  be better than that.

The plot is really interesting. The other characters, especially Luna and the other Celestials like Yofiel are pretty cool too.

The romance in this story is a roller-coaster. For real. It’s off the charts. The chemistry between Gabriel and Gaia, and well Cassiel and Gaia, is just too strong.

I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants a great paranormal (with a touch of sexy romance) read.





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About the Author

Sunniva Dee_Author PicOriginally from Norway, I moved to the United States twelve years ago.

The first awesome five years I spent in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, before moving to the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia.

I’m currently on my seventh year in the South, where my husband, son, and I are enjoying the heat, the humidity, as well as our crazy menagerie of animals better known as the petting zoo. The only one not here is my daughter, who returned to Norway for college.

I hold a Master’s degree in languages, and for ten years, I taught at university level, before settling in as graduate adviser at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Writing is my passion, my joy, and my addiction. Shattering Halos is my debut novel. When I’m not writing, I read. A lot. :)


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