Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas by Emily McKay

Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas by Emily McKay
Publication Date: February 13th 2017 by Entangled Crush
Source: ARC from Netgalley
Rating: ★★


Falling in love with the best man wasn’t on the program.

Willa is happy to be the maid of honor in her dad’s upcoming wedding to uber-celeb Mia McCain. Not as happy about the best man being her soon-to-be stepbrother, the infuriating—and infuriatingly gorgeous—Finn McCain. Every time their paths cross, the attraction simmering between them grows a little harder to ignore. Willa knows all about guys like Finn—they only want what they can’t have. What’s between them isn’t real.

Finn has never felt anything more real than what’s developing between him and Willa. Sure, her dad warned him to steer clear, but it’s not just about forbidden temptation. He’s determined to prove to Willa he’s not going anywhere—and that happily-ever-after will always be worth the risk.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a wedding so crazy it’ll make you laugh, a stepbrother so hot he’ll make you swoon, and a heroine so real she’ll make you cry.

I received an ARC of this book from the Author. No compensation in any form was received for the review of this book.

I don’t have any background or anything with this series but I decided to pick it up because it sounds really interesting to me. I haven’t really read any contemporary romance that features stepsiblings as main characters. I don’t know, it just feels a little weird to me, so I try to stay away. So really, I have no idea why this book caught my attention.

Willa’s dad is getting married to Finn’s mom, Mia McCain, who happened to be a super popular celebrity. I can tell how much controversy and gossip that may stir, so Willa found herself in the middle of them all and it wasn’t all pretty.

Willa and Finn have different personalities, yet they complement each other. Their polarities made the story very interesting. I also quite enjoyed the whole “let’s-pretend-we-don’t-have-feelings-for-each-other-since-we’re-going-to-be-practically-siblings-anyway”. It was really fun to see the whole thing, romance included, unfold.

It was enjoyable overall, but a little inconsistent in terms of the pacing. Some things I found too cheesy and cliche as well, but it was a good one!

Stacking The Shelves #29 || Reading Locally

Welcome to another episode of me burying myself with the pile of books that I need to read. I haven’t really bought anything from the books I have for you today because I’m sort of saving money for the Romance Class event on February 11!


Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro by Thessa Lim
All That Darkness Allows by Various Authors
Midnights in Bali by Carla De Guzman
Coming Of Age by Various Authors
Denton Little’s Still Not Dead by Lance Rubin
10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac
Descendants of the Sun Photo Essay Book
Textrovert by Lindsey Summers
Keeping the Distance by Clarisse David
Someday with You by Ines Bautista-Yao
The Education of Margot Sanchez by Lilliam Rivera
The Heartbeats of Wing Jones by Katherine Webber
The Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig
Allegedly by  Tiffany D. Jackson
Jerkbait by Mia Siegert
Love and Gravity by Samantha Sotto
It Started With Goodbye by Christina June
Chasing Mr. Prefect by Katt Briones

I think I’m having a good balance with hauling local books since 2017 started and I’m really glad about that. I’m also glad that a lot of book bloggers have started to be aware of the Filipino Book Community, especially the authors and their books! I’m really excited to read these bunch!

Thanks to Summit Media, Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins International, Penguin Random House International, Kids Can Press, Blink YA Books, Carla De Guzman, Thessa Lim, Clarisse David, Ines Bautista-Yao, and Mia Siegert for the books! <3

How many books have you hauled for the past weeks?



Someday With You and Other Stories by Ines Bautista-Yao

Someday With You and Other Stories by Ines Bautista-Yao
Publication Date: February 1st by Romance Class Books
Source: ARC from the Author
Rating: ★★★


A broken heart doesn’t mean the end of the world. In this short story compilation, Patrick, Toby and Andrew still continue to hope for and dream of their own happy ever after,

Someday With You

Five years ago, when they were teenagers in college, they’d made a pact to come back to this same spot, no matter where they were in the world, no matter who they had become. But five years wasn’t enough to erase the heartache Patrick felt when Andrea disappeared from his life when he thought he’d lost her for good. And now that the time has come, he can’t keep the feelings from rushing back to the surface, possibly messing up his life once more.

One Last Thing

All Toby wants is to keep Angela from falling in love with someone else. That isn’t too much to ask considering he’s already won her over and she’s finally convinced he isn’t just another spoiled, rich boy. But when his buddy Jake enters the picture, Angela seems to be slipping away. Toby has to make the hardest decision of his life and that might even mean letting go.

Things I’ll Never Say

Andrew, Penny, and Raffy aren’t what you call regular teenagers. They’re hugely popular models of hot, teen clothing brand Pineapple Slice. Though all three have become celebrities in their own right. Fans passionately ship Penny and Raffy (with a hashtag to match). What nobody knows is that Andrew has been in love with Penny ever since he heard her laugh at one of his lame jokes. So when she tells him she wants out of their charmed existence, he starts to panic. But he also wonders if this is his chance to claim the happy ending he’s always hoped for.

I received an ARC of this book from the Author. No compensation in any form was received for the review of this book.

This is such a short read but it was really satisfying. I particularly enjoyed reading this because it’s from the male characters’ POV. I always find male POVs fascinating and I’m glad that the book clicked just right for me.

The first story, Someday with You, follows Patrick and his sort of once-requited love for his college friend Andrea. Patrick has been invited for a camping trip along with his college friends, including Andrea. But since Andrea disappeared, he wasn’t sure if Andrea really was coming. I really enjoyed how the story was told as flashbacks, and it’s really a sad story. I could feel Patrick’s genuine emotions and it’s my favorite thing from the story.

One Last Thing might be my favorite from the three. Although, it was a bit hard to relate with Toby, still the story was good! It’s so sad I could cry just by thinking about it. It’s basically a  great tale of grief, letting go, and moving on. I really enjoyed reading Toby, Angela, and Jake’s story. I also enjoyed Sascha’s snarky and sassy character.

The last story, Things I’ll Never Say, is about three models, Penny, Raffy, and Andrew. This one’s a really cute story. Andrew has been in love with Penny for so long, and I really loved how the story moved. It’s pretty much a given that this is a HEA story but still, I enjoyed how things unfolded.

This is the third book I’ve read from Ines, and honestly, she never fails to make me feel kilig with her well-written stories.

Discovering Doctor Who and Other Netflix Shenanigans

Okay, before you completely judge me, I definitely am familiar with Doctor Who. I know that Peter Capaldi is the current Doctor, I know that the TARDIS is blue. I basically spent my teenage years on Tumblr and made friends with Whovians as time passed by. I just didn’t have the time, and the knowledge where to start watching the show.

Enter December 2016, I was in a rush to watch the Sense8 Christmas Special so I did a thing called signing up for Netflix. I have a free one month subscription so I checked out the selections available to my region and Doctor Who was there!

Although, I debated whether to watch it or not since it starts on Series 5, when Matt Smith became The Doctor. Of course, I wanted to, at least, start with Nine. I’ve seen the first episode with the Ninth Doctor and him meeting Rose. If I remember correctly, that was the episode with the mannequins? Anyway, I just said screw it and then proceeded to watch. How could I not? It’s amazing! And I love Karen Gillan.

I really enjoyed watching Season 5, and yes I’ll be watching it again, and from Nine. Besides, I wanted to see David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor!

On the other shenanigans part, I also binged on watching Outlander and holy guacamole! I really fell in love with it! I think I was able to finish two seasons in three days!

I really thought it was just another historical drama, but it wasn’t! There’s time-travelling involved, and I got hooked since the first episode! In case you’re not aware of what the this is about, the story is about Claire, an Englishwoman, and a married army nurse from the 1940s, who traveled back in time to 1740s Scotland, where the Highlander culture is rich and Scotland is at war with England, so Claire being an Englishwoman presented some problems with her survival.

I really love the landscapes of Scotland featured in the show, and the costumes are amazing. And of course, Jamie and Claire are my OTP! I love how their relationship blossomed from friendship to love. This show is really one of a kind! However, I do acknowledge some problems present, given the setting of the story.

Anyway, I’m really excited for season three!! I can’t wait to watch it, especially with how the last season ended! It was such a cliffhanger, I wanted to scream! Hahaha! Plus, I miss hearing Jamie say the word “Sassenach”. How can one word sound so sexy?

And since I’m still on Netflix, I’m off to find a new series to binge. I’ve heard good things about The OA so I’m probably going to watch it! Send me some of your recs from Netflix and I’m going to check it out!